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Agilent Technologies Hosts 5G Test Summit at FuTURE MOBILE COMMUNICATION FORUM

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Focused on Next-Generation 5G Wireless Challenges and Opportunities


SANTA CLARA, Calif., July 15, 2014 – Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced that its 5G test summit with FuTURE MOBILE COMMUNICATION FORUM explored the status of  next-generation 5G wireless communication systems. The June 24 forum in Beijing focused on the challenges test and measurement manufacturers face to support this rapidly evolving technology as well as the progress of research in the field.


During the event, which attracted some 300 engineers and business leaders, the technical experts and leaders shared their vision for next-generation 5G communication systems. Technical papers delivered at the forum addressed all major areas of 5G, including:


o         energy and spectral efficiency improvement;


o         network virtualization;


o         radio regulation and frequency resource management;


o         mmWave channel measurement and modeling;


o         massive MIMO or large-scale antenna systems; and


Agilent demonstrated test and measurement solutions for 5G research. Demonstrations included:


o         EDA system-level design and simulation tools;


o         mmWave/THz component test; and


o         ultra-wide bandwidth/multi-channel signal generation and analysis solutions.


“Technologists worldwide are searching for next-generation wireless solutions to meet the unprecedented growth of mobile Internet,” said Steve Yan, Agilent vice president and general manager of Greater China. “Next-generation 5G wireless communication systems bring new challenges for test and measurement manufacturers, specifically in the design of the instrument hardware platform and the development of new measurement methods.”


The interactive nature of the forum allowed Agilent to work closely with industry leaders on 5G research and provide them with the latest design and test solutions for R&D (design, validation and simulation) and high-volume manufacturing.


“Research for next-generation 5G wireless communication systems is still in the early stage,” said KONG Hong Wei, manager of Agilent Measurement Research Labs in China. “Agilent understands the new challenges facing the wireless industry and is committed to providing the test and measurement solutions required to meet the rapidly evolving demands of 5G.”


Agilent 5G


Agilent Technologies provides a comprehensive set of 5G electronic design and test tools to help engineers gain greater insight into their R&D and manufacturing processes. Agilent’s 5G simulation and measurement solutions include: mmWave, broadband generation and analysis; physical layer designs; MIMO, RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave components and antennas; and high-speed digital and power management. Agilent is working closely with industry consortia, industry-leading companies and academia to move forward the next-generation of 5G wireless communications systems.


Information about Agilent’s 5G test and measurement solutions is available at






FuTURE MOBILE COMMUNICATION FORUM is a nonprofit international organization. Membership includes 26 mobile telecommunication operators, mobile communication equipment manufacturers, research institutes and universities. FuTURE FORUM recently started 5G technical R&D to integrate the strength and resources from all development areas. The forum organizes various international exchange activities to analyze and solve difficult 5G problems, break bottlenecks, promote China’s 5G R&D, provide technical support for the relative official departments in decision-making, and improve the international influence of China in 5G field. 


Information about FuTURE FORUM is available at


Publié le 15-07-2014

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