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Ground Clamps Unlike Any Others

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Chauvin Arnoux's ground clamps are full of technological innovations: an exceptional OLED screen, display of the ground voltage, Pre?Hold function,
transposed impedance, force compensation system, automatic calibration of the jaw opening and calibration without returning to the factory! And they are also
particularly comfortable to use…
The C.A 6416 and C.A 6417 clamp-on ground testers have been designed for daily use by electricians, certification organizations and maintenance technicians in the building, electrical engineering and telecommunications sectors. They can be used for selective measurements on a parallel earth system without disconnecting conductors or even setting up stakes. In the case of grounding at regular intervals or a buried ground loop, the use of ground clamps to measure low values enables you to check the continuity of the conductor in the loop tested. These clamps are ideal for a broad range of uses: on the substations of MV/LV installations, in urban areas, on buildings equipped with Faraday cages, telecommunications lines, railway lines, pipelines, etc.
New ergonomics & comfortable operation
With its OLED technology, the high-quality display visible over an angle of 180° and in all lighting conditions offers excellent contrast and improved colour rendering. The comfort of use provided by the C.A 6416 and C.A 6417 clamps is unrivalled on this type of measuring instrument: moulded surface and protective guard for easy handling, rotary switch for direct access to the various measurement modes and the set-up, storage with time/date-stamping… and the major new feature: a force compensation system which makes it easy to open the clamp and keep it open. The highly practical automatic PRE-HOLD function can be used freeze the display automatically when the jaws are opened.
These clamps also offer automatic calibration of the jaw opening and they can be recalibrated without returning them to the factory.
Measurements and functions
These 600 V CAT IV ground clamps can be used to measure the loop resistance, loop inductance and leakage current.
New safety feature: the ground voltage function! If the voltage present exceeds the safety voltage threshold, the "dangerous voltage" symbol flashes on the screen and the buzzer sounds an alert signal.
When performing low resistance measurements, the C.A 6416 and C.A 6417 ground clamps offer a function to transpose the impedance to the network frequency, which significantly improves the accuracy of your measurements. Programmable alarms are available for impedance, voltage and current, in addition to the ground voltage alarm. The C.A 6416 can record up to 300 time/date-stamped measurements, while the C.A 6417 can
store up to 2,000.
Software & communication
The simple-to-use GTC software allows users to configure or calibrate the clamp and gives real-time access to the measurements with the C.A 6417. It communicates via Bluetooth.
The comprehensive processing software can be used to analyse the measurements and create automatic or customizable reports. Another new feature means that everything is compatible with the ANDROID operating system! Retrieve the measurements instantaneously on your tablet or smartphone, use GPS geolocation to quickly find the site corresponding to the measurements and send the reports by email: everything is designed to make your work simple and effective.

Publié le 17-09-2013

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