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Electricians! Plumbers! Self-employed contractors! No longer any need to tear your hair out for your renovation work, the new LOCAT-N from Chauvin Arnoux can locate any cable hidden in your walls

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Chauvin Arnoux, the French industrial company with more than 120 years' experience in measuring electrical quantities, is launching a brand new cable detector.

The C.A 6881 LOCAT-N is an essential tool for all your maintenance, renovation and improvement work in housing. It can locate metal conductors, electrical or telecommunication cables, metal pipes and even faults on an installation.

An essential tool for all your work

The LOCAT-N is a versatile on-site tool capable of locating cables on current-carrying and non-current-carrying installations.
Comprising a transmitter and a receiver, it is particularly simple to use.
The use of digital technology overcomes the problem of interference and disturbance signals to provide precise location details. The amplitude is displayed one the large screen in digital, graphic and audio formats. This makes it very simple to follow cables, find short-circuits or cuts, etc.

To guide you and simplify your work, the receiver can quickly identify the circuit-breaker or fuses corresponding to the socket to which the transmitter is connected. In addition to electrical applications, it can also be used to track plumbing problems such as faults in water or heating pipes.

Product advantages which make the difference!

Its large, directly-accessible function keys and the backlighting of its large LCD screen make it particularly easy to handle.
The little extra that makes all the difference: the transmitter and the receiver are both equipped with powerful built-in torches for excellent visibility in all circumstances.
The LOCAT-N is delivered complete with accessories for direct connection to lighting supply circuits and power sockets.

Publié le 11-07-2013

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